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The Instituto Terra gives importance to sharing experiences and maintaining dialogues with other NGO’s, governments, environmental organizations, research centers and forestry institutes. Within this context, it participates in the following initiatives:

CBH-Doce – Committee of the Hydro Basin of the River Doce. The institute has been participating since March 2005 and, in April 2009, it became a titular member, one of the three representatives selected by the State of Minas Gerais in the field of Education and Research It is a titular member of the Technical, Institutional and Legal Chamber and of the Technical Chamber for the Plan of Water Resources.

CBH-GUANDU – Committee of the Hydro Basin of the Guandu River. We have belonged to this body since its creation in August 2008 as a substitute member and representative of the local community. Although we are located in the neighboring state of Minas Gerais, the Instituto Terra was selected because of the relevance of its work in the water basin of the River Doce.

COMAN – We are an acting member of the Municipal Council for the Environment of Aimorés. This is a collegial body responsible for advising the Municipal Public Authorities on matters relating to the protection, preservation and improvement of the environment.

Consortium of the Guandu River – This association was founded by the municipalities that comprise the Basin of the Guandu River (Afonso Claudio, Baixo Guandu, Brejetuba and Laranja da Terra). The Instituto Terra joined the consortium in 2005 at the invitation of its members.

COPA - Joint Committee of the city of Conselheiro Pena. Here, the Instituto Terra acts as the representative of non-governmental organizations active in the protection, conservation and improvement of the environment. It is one of 53 Joint Committees created by the government of Minas Gerais aiming at harmonizing its ecological and state policy with international trends in environmental management.

National Pact for the Restoration of the Atlantic Forest – The Instituto Terra is one of the NGOs that are signatories of this Pact, which also brings together governments, businesses and research institutes from all over Brazil. It supports large-scale planting projects for the recovery of woodland - with the aim of restoring 37 million acres of the country’s damaged forest land by 2050.

Biosphere Reserve – The Instituto Terra was the Biosphere Reserve’s first Advanced Post in the Atlantic Forest of Minas Gerais. This ‘accreditation’ is bestowed on institutions that record, in a regular and measurable manner, significant achievements in the three basic functions of the Biosphere Reserve: conservation, information, and development of sustainability as defined by UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) program.


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