Aimorés, MG - Brasil | 2020-07-03  
Information - Research

The Instituto Terra promotes specific research, linked to the monitoring of water resources, vegetation ground cover, and fauna in the PNHR Bulcão Farm (Aimorés - Minas Gerais) as well as in the Ecological Reserve of Itapina (Colatina - Espírito Santo).

In addition, the Instituto is the focal point for Doctoral and Masters theses and other scientific research initiatives.

In 2013, the following research programs are underway:

- Capture and sequestration of CO2 in the PNHR Bulcão Farm, inventory undertaken by WayCarbon and insurance guaranteed by KPMG Brazil.

- Quantification of biomass and carbon in the areas of planting and natural regeneration of the Bulcão Farm - Doctoral Thesis – Forestry Engineer Daniel Brianezi – Advisor Prof. Dr. Laércio Jacovine – Federal University of Visçosa

- Evaluation and monitoring of the diversity of birds in the Atlantic Forest of the Bulcão Farm in areas that have undergone different procedures of restoration. Doctoral Thesis of Dr. Grazile Hernandes Volpato –Supervising professor Dr. Sebastião Venâncio Martins – Federal University of Visçosa


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