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How to participate - Donations

The Institute Terra, a non-profit organization, has no political or religious affiliations. For this reason, it counts on the collaboration of individuals, companies, governments and other institutions for the development of its projects.

A small contribution can make a big difference.

Your collaboration is essential for our work. You can help us protect the forests and their flora and fauna on behalf of Brazilians and humanity as a whole. Make a donation, and together we can care for the Atlantic Forest.


By PayPal:


Deposit or Electronic Transfer:

Bank: Banco do Brasil S.A.

Account number: 001021510000063290

IBAN: BR6500000000002150000063290C1

Final credit to: Banco do Brasil S.A. - Belo Horizonte - Brasil


Account name: Instituto Terra

Address: Fazenda Bulcão, S/N

Town/City: Aimorés - Minas Gerais

Postcode: 35200-000

Country: Brazil

Contact: Isabella Salton | Executive Director

Telephone: + 55 33 32672025

By Tides Foundation:

Donating through the Tides Foundation, your contribution is tax deductible in the United States. Complete the form (saved in PDF) and send it by email to or to the address below.

Finance Department
Tides Foundation
"Instituto Terra Fund"
P.O.Box 29903
San Francisco, CA 94129-0903

If you have questions, please contact the contribution department +1 (415) 561-6326.

For additional information, contact us by calling + 55 (33) 3267-2025 or by email at:


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